As Sicart Associates celebrates its third anniversary, we are happy to announce that Douglas A. Rankin has joined our firm as portfolio manager. In a way, this is a symbol of continuity, as all our partners worked closely with both Doug and his father, Drew, at Tocqueville Asset Management, which François Sicart founded and led for many years.

Drew was one of the early senior partners of Tocqueville Asset Management, selected by François Sicart for his keen investment analysis skills and judgement, as well as his care and gentlemanly attitude towards both associates and clients.

Doug clearly has inherited those talents and qualities and has built a solid, diversified experience in his 21 years in the financial industry —  in Morgan Stanley’s Private Client Division, as vice-president and portfolio manager at U.S. Trust and portfolio manager at Tocqueville Asset Management, before founding and managing the Mercer Oak Group under the auspices of Raymond James Financial Services.

We have exchanged ideas with Doug for many years and look forward for an even closer collaboration in the service of his loyal clientele.

François Sicart | Published September 5th, 2019